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GCP Cost Optimization Best Practices

Google Cloud Platform gives you fantastic flexibility when it comes to resources used. The platform allows developers to scale storage, compute, network, and more. These functions ensure you always have the resources to meet any demand while supporting downscaling just as quickly. Still, many companies end up spending more than they need by missing some standard practices that can considerably reduce the costs of running your cloud.

UVC & UVA Bacteria-Killing Lighting for 2021

Ultraviolet light is responsible for suntans, sunburns and it's an impressive germ killer. It's a technology that has to be used with extreme care by trained professionals. Improper handling of UVC lights not only kills bacteria but causes cellular DNA damage to skin cells. UV light shares many characteristics with visible light, except that UV is considerably more energetic in the electromagnetic spectrum. It also has significantly shorter wavelengths than regular light, causing it not to be v

Organic Lesson

Organic Lesson is a site where you can find tips on handling household pests and weeds using natural home remedies. Consumers are becoming more wary about the long-term consequences of using synthetic pesticide and herbicide. Not only do these chemicals harm the environment, they also may cause long-term harm to people’s health if people are exposed to the chemical for an extended period of time. Organic Lesson is here to help consumers like you understand what simple remedies are available at home to treat pest and weed problems.

Top Basic Linux Commands for Beginners

This article presents a condensed list of the most used Linux commands for beginners and their practical applications for everyday uses. Every command comes with examples to help understand their application. Linux may seem intimidating at first, as many think only knowledgeable IT Professionals can work with it to solve daily problems. But with a comprehensive list of Linux commands, you will be ready to deal with this powerful operating system’s basic operations.

Sony A6100 review: Amazing Focus on a Budget

The Sony A6100 APS-C Mirrorless is the successor of the well-respected and widely popular Sony A6000. With its immense sales number, this camera could easily find itself in a lot of hands. It’s a great multipurpose camera still sold to this day, and now we have the A6100 trying to beat its predecessor. This Sony A6100 review discusses the main differences between the A6000, A6100, and A6400 models and their appeal to the entry-level folks.